Customer Support

AS Service

Upon your request, we can provide you with an
after-sales service to solve your issues.
  • Customer Center (call center)

    • - TEL : 82-1588-0372
    • - Working Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00 (unavailable on weekends or legal holidays)
    • - Lunch : 12:00 ~ 13:00
    • - If you would like to request a visit from one of our representatives, please contact and request our customer center.
    • - During the phone consultation, please inform us about your product and its model name for faster and more precise technical consultation.
  • Cautions before requesting service

    • - If you request service and no equipment failure has been detected, you will still be charged a service cost, so please consult our customer center first.
    • - In the following cases, you may be charged a service cost under the criteria below even if the product’s warranty period is not yet expired.
    • - If you request a visit by our representatives you may be charged an additional travel cost.
    • - If you wish to visit our premises to receive service, please contact the customer center first to make an arrangement.

      1) Free repair

    • - If a malfunction or loss of performance occurred within the warranty period
    • - If the product is repaired within 180 days following an initial repair in the same part

      2) Paid repair

    • - Products for which the warranty period has expired
    • - Failure due to customer negligence including damage to the internals, overvoltage or other types of user negligence (incorrect settings), etc.
    • - Failure due to natural disasters (lightning, fire, earthquake, storm, flood, tsunami, etc.)
    • - Failure due to the expiration of replaceable parts (HDD, adapter, etc.)
    • - Issues after a repair by a third party
    • - Operations requested by the customer (additional HDD operations, equipment setting, user guidance, relocation, adjustment, password recovery, etc.)
    • - Removal of internal dust and foreign bodies
    • - Defect caused by negligence of the installer
    • - Issues caused by products of other companies or by various components (materials)