Excellent Procurement Products

Excellent Product System

  • What is Excellent Product Contract System?

    Introduced in 1996 with the purpose of improving the quality of procured material, this system submits products of SMEs of outstanding technological expertise and quality to a strict evaluation designating the successful ones as Excellent Products.

    Excellent Products by Doowon Electronics

    Product Name : Smart platform CCTV system based on deep neural network algorithms
    Nomination no. : 2019244

    • Video monitoring device : Smart crime prevention
    • Unmanned traffic monitoring device : Illegal parking
    • License plate reader : Road security, traffic restriction, bus lanes

Government Market Support

  • Mandatory purchase of technology development products

    • - Grounds
        Article 12 (3) and Article 13 (2) of the Enforcement Decree of the Small and Medium Business Product Purchase Promotion and Market Support Act
    • - Contents
        All public institutions must spend no less than 15% of the purchase funds on technology development products (excellent procurement products, etc.) by small and medium-sized companies
  • Private contract for excellent procurement products

    • - Grounds
        Article 26 Paragraph 1.3F of Enforcement Decree of the National Contract Act
        Article 25 Paragraph 1.6D (5) of Local Contract Act Enforcement Decree
    • - Contents
        Products designated and announced as excellent procurement products pursuant to Article 18 of the Enforcement Decree of the Procurement Business Act are subject to private contracts
  • Support for sales promotion of excellent procurement products by the government (Public Procurement Service)

    • - Grounds
        Article 9-2 Paragraph 2 of Procurement Business Act
    • - Contents
        Administrator of the Public Procurement Service may take necessary measures to increase the purchase of excellent procurement products and expand sales channels.
    • - Measures by the Public Procurement Service
        Technology development products with excellent technology and performance are designated as excellent procurement products, and a third-party unit price contract is signed with the demanding organization as a third party. After that, the products are listed on the Korea ON-line E-Procurement System.
    • - Simple purchase support for demanding institutions
        The state, local governments and public institutions can bypass the contract procedure by simply selecting the corresponding excellent procurement product from the e-procurement system (delivery request).
  • Indemnification of the person in charge of purchasing technology development products

    • - Grounds
        Article 14 Paragraph 3 of Act on Promotion of Purchase of Small and Medium Business Products and Support for Market Sales
    • - Contents
        The person in charge of purchase on behalf of a public institution having contracted for a technology development product is not responsible for any loss caused by the purchase unless it is proven to be intentional or due to a gross negligence.
        * Purpose : Insert into the legislation to promote the purchase of technology-developed products

Expected Effect

  • For 6 types of technology development products including Excellent procurement products, new product certification (NEP), new technology certification (NET), performance certification (EPC), excellent S/W (GS), products having succeeded in new product development business (public sector) subject to purchase conditions, etc.,

    every institution is recommended to purchase at least 15%

    * Public Procurement Service’s Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System : Recommendation of a prioritized purchase of technology development products (May 27, 2013)
  • In this regard, the person in charge of the purchase is relieved of any liability for damage, unless it was intentional or due to a gross negligence

    (Article 14 of the Act on Promotion of Purchase of Small and Medium Business Products and Support for Sales Channels); organizations and individuals with significant contribution to the growth in sales of technology development products are encouraged by government citations and incentives.