Excellent Procurement Products

Contracting Methods

  • 1

    Use the demanding agency certificate to enter the Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System (http://shopping.g2b.go.kr).
  • 2

    Search Doowon Electronics or main items by product identification numbers.
  • 3

    In the Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, access “Video monitoring devices, Unmanned traffic monitoring devices, License plate reader, Access control systems,”and use the demanding company certificate to log in.

    - 3rd Party Excellent Product Price Contract Products : Unmanned traffic monitoring device, Video monitoring device, License plate reader
    - Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Products : Video monitoring device, access control system

  • 4

    Check the main product name, enter the desired quantity, and select the options.

    - If no optional products are selected, place directly in the cart.

  • 5

    In the option section at the bottom, enter the desired quantity of each device. Once you have entered the quantity, the checked products will be automatically added to the cart.
  • 6

    Once you have created, saved, and sent a domestic procurement request, you can sign an electronic contract on the Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System.